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Your expertise and helping hand for quality and services for moving chilled and frozen meat.!

Whether you wish for an amazing quality in meat products or you want uninterrupted services for moving meat products, Faenadora San Vicente LTDA is always here to help you all. We are leading wholesale meat suppliers located in Chile. We have all grades of meat, which they deliver to diverse elements of Chile as well as abroad like Europe, Asia, Africa, North, Central and South America. We know what quality means to clients who want to have fresh and delectable meat products. In addition to your demands and requirements, we deal in a wide range of meat products. We supply frozen and chilled meat to the customers in a whole new way. We deal in chicken, beef, pork and Turkey chilled and frozen meat. Most importantly, our plant is following USDA quantity well-known to make certain food protection. We ensure that all the factories are geared up with the most recent equipment and qualified body of workers to carry out the all of the tactics which incorporate slaughtering of the animals, making the maximum ideal cuts to packing the very last product in the maximum hygienic situations.

Worldwide meat supply is a special work that we do every day to satisfy our customers around the world. We already have established some smooth relationships with a global base of clients and producers. Find all boneless and bone meat products at the most dependable buying rate.

With our excellent after-sales support and service system, we keep you away from any kind of inconvenience. Our qualified and trustable support is always there whenever you find something bad in our products.

Have the best experience in worldwide meat trading with us and we could be the most trustable supplier for you here. In the meat business, we have an enormous amount of experience that helps us in meeting the cravings and wants of our clients. On the national and international markets, we trade chilled and frozen meat products. Each and every meat product formed by our highly trained professionals surely meets all safety and quality standards.

Talking about the products in which we specialize, you can remember the products like beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and other similar meat products. Due to the biggest meat supply and trading network, we are able to serve our products in various parts of the word. The lists of our network countries and producers don’t stop here so be with us and stay tuned for further updates in the products and services.

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