Beef Meat

Would you like to meet your cravings of eating some fresh and quality beef or cow meat? We at Faenadora San Vicente LTDA offer some premium quality beef or cow meat products that will certainly meet your requirements and needs. As an established and trustable meat supplier, we understand the safety & quality standards you want to get in these types of products. According to the taste of your tongue, you can buy some delicious and mouthwatering beef products from us. We understand your taste very well and that's why we will pay more attention to the quality and not the buying price.

At our platform, you will find many types of dishes made from the fresh cow meat. For the past several years, we have been providing our customers cow meats and products made according to their taste. If you talk about our team, then we have many experienced and passionate employees who know well the secrets of your taste and health. Let’s take a glimpse at the following products that we supply in terms of the beef or cow meat:

We offer some beef products like Brisket and Flat Ribs, BRISKET BONE-IN, BRISKET BONELESS, and many others to meet the taste of your mouth. You should also know that we offer for premium quality beef and cow meat products which will be consistently flavour of all. We keep you away from cheats and frauds so you should not get worried about the antibiotics or hormones that many suppliers can add in these products.

Available Beef/Cow Meat

The main highlight of beef and cow meat products is the zero percent use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Secondly, you all should know that we focus on pasture-raised and all organic feed. All of the available products are not raised from any antibiotics or hormones because we want to meet the safety and quality standards you want to get in such types of products. There will be nothing like side-effects or drawbacks when you take a look at our products.

Now, you know some important things regarding the products we sale in terms of the beef or cow meat. Consequently, we will not waste your precious time and try to introduce you to our available cow for beef meat products one by one. Here are the products that we sell to our customers at the cheapest and competitive buying rates.

Talking about the products that we sell, you can count the Cap of rump, chuck and blade, bone-in, chuck bone-in, chuck boneless, chuck tenderloin, entrecote bone-in, entrecote boneless, eye of round, eye of round pad, Flank bone-in, flank boneless, flank plate brisket boneless, forequarter flank-off boneless, forequarter flank-off boneless robbed, forequarter flank-on, Fore ribs, hear bone-in, heart boneless, and further more products prepared and made from fresh cow meat.

Our team knows how to meet the taste and requirements of our customers and that's why they operate a very comprehensive support system for you. Now, you can select any of the mentioned above beef products and more so that we could assist you whenever you want.