Chicken Meat

We at Faenadora San Vicente LTDA supply and provide chicken meat products that meet your cravings and hungers of eating some delicious chicken meat. We provide fresh and nutritious chicken meat, frozen chicken meat that has a huge Global demand. The worldwide consumers of our company prefer the chicken meat products made by us because of their freshness and nutrients. In addition, all of our chicken meat products are not much expensive and most of our clients can easily afford them.

We have an established market for poultry products in almost all places of the world. As a result, you do not need to think too much about the availability of our chicken meat products you want to have. We also welcome some clients who want to sell our chicken meat products in the nearest local markets. We hope our chicken meat will help you to find the taste of your tongue and other right products you want to have.

Nothing can be good when you don’t get an array of options in terms of eating the chicken meat. By knowing that, we have divided this section into further categories. Each and every category has something special for our patrons who are new here. We always seek to provide chicken meat and the meat products that can satisfy your needs for good chicken made food products at a reasonable price along with a good service quality.

We offer baadermeat 3mm, back half without tail-saddle, bone-in-thigh, thigh-quarter, bone-on thigh with back portion 25%, breast fillet, spilt breast with skin, breast fillet, breast skin, drumsticks, escalope, feet, fillet pieces, fillet strips, first & second segment wings, gizzard, halved chicken for grilling, halved chicken for grilling seasoned, hearts, inner fillet tenderloin, leg shortcut, inner fillet tenderloin pieces, and many other products.

Available Chicken Meat

We’re conceived in the marketplace as reliable, sincere and straightforward exporters and vendors of sparkling and frozen meat. Our mission is offer high-quality Halal frozen chicken, chilled and frozen chicken meat, chicken meat products at affordable prices. We supply CNCA approved and Grade A frozen chicken from Chile. As a client, you do not need to think so much about the ingredients and materials used to prepare the chicken meat products because we always think about an excellent quality.

Moreover, we have established a great network all around the world So that you cannot miss out any of our products to meet your hunger and cravings. At this page, you will certainly take a look and a shot glimpse at the chicken meat products that we specialize in. So, it is our responsibility to give our customers what they want and this has become the biggest reason due to the success we have achieved in supplying and delivering some premium quality chicken meat products.

For us, nothing is more precious than this satisfaction and happiness of our clients and that’s why we have established yourself as a leading chicken meat supplier in your local areas and world famous frozen chicken exporters to China Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, Russia, USA, South Africa,Europe and more. Now, you do not need to wait for more platforms because we are always here to help you.