Turkey Meat

We at Faenadora San Vicente LTDA offer some amazing quality turkey meat products that meet your cravings and taste. No matter, what makes you hungry, but our turkey meat products will surely meet your needs. You can eat this high protein meat whenever you want because we provide an unmatched quality in this particular food item. At the present moment, we have maintained the safety and quality standards of the Turkey meats. Whether you talk about the price or the taste, our Turkey meat products have the potentials to meet your requirements. We welcome you at our company to have the Turkey meat and meet your appetite.

Among the top avian meat products in your local areas, the Turkey meat is the most prevalent meat product and that's why we would love to meet your requirements and desires together. It could be difficult for customers like you to find the best and trustable supplier and we can make the same concept quite easy for you.

We offer the turkey meat like breast bone-in, breast cock, breast hen, breast tail piece, breast trimmings, butterfly breast, chopped back meat, drumstick, feet, first and second segment wings, gizzards, hearts, livers, separated meat, medallion, and several other turkey meat products. Now, you can address your requirements and choose the products you want.

Available Turkey Meat

We take care of your taste and budget

At this turkey page, you will find all the varieties that we have in the Turkey meat. In addition, you should know that we will take care of your taste and budget when you want to have this dish. In a short amount of time, you can determine the advantages of getting in touch with us. We always focus on the quality and safety standards and that’s why we have emerged as a leading Turkey meat supplier in your area.